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Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that assists the mind and body with releasing tension and stress, thus promoting healing through deep relaxation. Rei means "Higher Power" and ki is "life force energy" or "universal life energy."

Anyone can be attuned to this energy.  There are several attunements culminating at the Master level.  Because Reiki is a universal energy, it is a form of pure healing, and  the practitioner and client do not exchange energy.  Reiki feels like warm liquid sunshine flowing through you, surrounding you and comforting you.  It heals the mind, body and spirit.

Reiki can be received by hands on or hands above the body. It can also be sent through distant healing.

Because Cheryl uses both Hypnosis and Reiki simultaneously if the client requests, she has discovered that this heals the psycho-unconscious mind by freeing up energy to balance the individual’s psychic center points so that their intuitional healing is activated.

ChakrasCheryl utilizes Reiki on the Chakras of the body. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel of light". There are seven major chakras in the body beginning with the root chakra at the base of the spine, which is associated with the color red and is your foundation.  The sacral chakra below the navel is associated with the color orange and is your connection with your creativity, sexuality and relationship with yourself as it relates to others.  The solar plexus is just above the navel and is associated with the color yellow and is your personal power center.  The heart chakra is green and this holds your feelings, forgiveness and compassion.  The throat chakra is blue and is your communication – speaking your truth to others as well as yourself.  The third eye between the brows is indigo and is your connection with your intuition.  The crow chakra is violet and is the connection with your higher self.  This is a very simple outline of the chakras.

When these energy centers are not balanced, they create many physical and emotional “dis-eases” because we hold emotions, memories and trauma in our body.  When these centers are balanced, energy flows easily and in harmony and can release physical and emotional blocks.  By using this in conjunction with hypnosis and psychotherapy, you will notice improved emotional, physical and spiritual well being.  Because all chakras correlate to organs and many aspects of the body, you truly understand how the mind and body are connected and when one heals the other follows.

For example, the crown chakra affects the pineal gland and upper brain and when this chakra is out of alignment you can feel lethargic, tense, unfocused, and have migraines.

Using this form of therapy, you not only resolve the problem, but also have a good understanding of the cause.

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