Mind / Body Connection

Have you ever heard the saying that "It’s all in your mind"?

What is in your mind is in your body and what is in your body is in your mind. There is no separation between your mind and body; they are interconnected by all aspects of your physiology. This can be proven by the effects of stress on your physical well-being.

Mind Body ConnectionIn addition, your thoughts create your reality. For example, have you ever been feeling pretty happy, but then allowed your thoughts to wander to unhappy experiences...what happens?

Your thoughts create many physiological responses in your body. Your stomach may get upset, you may breath heavier, etc.

Now begin to think of pleasant experiences and notice what happens in your body. The reverse is also true – when you are in physical pain your emotional state may be uncomfortable or depressed.

I have worked with Biofeedback and hypnosis and have demonstrated to clients their abilities to use their minds to control their bodily responses. This is well documented in the literature related to mind/body techniques. Therefore, it is realistic to say that you can learn to have unlimited control over your thoughts, emotions and physical states through the tools provided through hypnosis.

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