Clinical Hypnotherapy

There has been significant research related to hypnosis and the majority of research states how well hypnosis works, however, we have not been able to understand what hypnosis actually is.  We do know that it is a naturally occurring phenomenon.  We have all experienced it whether driving a long distance and not remembering how we did it, reading a good book or watching a movie and being so totally involved, that everything around us appears to fade into the background. If this has happened to you, then you were hypnotized.

Most people have many preconceived notions about what hypnosis is but do not know what it is not.

Hypnotic Landscape- Hypnosis is not magic, it works well but the person still is in control of the outcome and needs to work on it. In other words hypnosis does not change the client – the client changes him or herself using hypnosis as an effective tool.

- Hypnosis is not mind control. No one can control your mind, however, hypnosis can help you control your own mind and teaches you how to access your own unlimited resources. 

- Everyone can be hypnotized and your unique individuality will determine how deeply you enter this altered state of receptive awareness. Therefore, everyone can utilize this tool no matter how deeply they go inward.

- Hypnosis is not meditation, relaxation or psychotherapy.  Hypnosis is a technique and Hypnotherapy is psychotherapy that uses hypnosis as a technique.  Therefore, only a psychotherapist can use hypnotherapy as a tool.  As a licensed psychotherapist, Cheryl has been trained extensively in hypnosis and therefore can legitimately state she uses Clinical Hypnotherapy.


According to Dr. Milton Erikson, "Anything you want it to be."

According to D. Corydon Hammond (1992):

"Hypnosis is a state of inner absorption, concentration, and focused attention. This altered state of consciousness is like using a magnifying glass in the sun—when the rays of the sun are focused, they are more powerful. Similarly when our mind is concentrated and focused, we are able to use more of our potential and more of the power of our mind. In this sense, learning hypnosis is the ultimate in a self-control skill, rather than being out of control."

- It is an altered state of consciousness in which you are more able to utilize the body’s and mind’s own healing and change potential.

-It is a state of being so fully absorbed and aware that your outside mind, thoughts, noise, fade away and become less and less important to you as you open the door to your inner wise mind (unconscious mind) and work on what is important to you. Because this is a very receptive state of awareness, you are capable of doing what the outer mind may find difficult if not impossible. You do not have to relax but most people find this experience a very relaxing and refreshing experience.

Hypnotherapy can be used for many different issues from the simple to the complex and assists the client with reaching goals at a much faster and easier rate. For further information, the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis website is a good resource at

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